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Noise Curfew

In respect of neighbouring guests and properties, all noise must cease no later than 9pm on any given evening with any visitors to also depart by this time.


Function Centre

Please respect the privacy of our function centre clients. Do not enter the garden space or premise at anytime during a function or whilst one is being set-up.


If the function centre is not in use, you’re welcome to wander over there to appreciate the garden and views however please do not touch or use any of the facilities.



This is a working farm first and foremost due to the risk of damage and contamination paddocks are completely out of bounds, we ask you respect and enjoy them from a distance only. 



Being in a country area and farm, snakes are rare but always a risk. Please ensure you keep your doors shut to avoid any unintended visitors. 


Power and Water

Our power and water are precious commodities we’d ask that you please turn off your AC and lights when you are not in the room and use water sparingly.


Outdoor cushions

Overnight, or should it rain, we’d very much appreciate it if you could bring in the cushions provided for the courtyard furniture. A storage basket for these is located at the bottom of the open cupboard.


Guests are welcome to use the BBQ on The Barns Terrace when not being used for a function. Please leave in the same condition as you found it - cleaned and clear of rubbish.

Museum Rumpus Room

Our rumpus room is a shared space for guests to enjoy games and relax. It includes a pool table, TV and lounges. Please be courteous of other guests when using this room, by turning off lights/airconditioning/TV, closing the door and taking any rubbish with you when leaving. 

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